Workshop Day

The purpose of Workshop Day is to make learning lean fun. You will learn from international thought leaders and practitioners in lean through a mixture of focused Workshops, Simulations and Exercises.

The workshops are aimed at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels for Owner Representatives, Designers, Construction Managers, Consultants/Trainers, Academics and Students. The workshops will use interactive and action based learning through a combination of simulations, exercises, discussions and short presentations.

Workshop A: Lean Thinking & Lean Fundamentals

This Lean Fundamentals workshop will give participants an experience of lean in action through a series of simulations supported by brief theory inputs, examples from practice.  It will also enable participants to get more out of the conference because they will have some background in lean.  The workshop is designed to help the attendees understand:

  • Lean Origins and Principles
  • Batching and Queueing, and Pull Operations
  • Variation impact on production operations
  • Value from the perspective of the service user

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Workshop B: Introduction to Value & Purpose

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Workshop C: Lean A3 Training

Participants will be introduced to the A3 Process and its multiple uses: as a storyboard, problem solving tool, reporting mechanism, management tool, and finally as a continuous improvement mindset.

Students should come prepared by bringing an active problem in their own organization that may be utilized during the workshop.  A brief overview will be followed by multiple group work sessions that will include constructing an A3, coaching on the A3, and reporting out to the class.

Who should attend?

  • Leaders looking to systemize their problem solving efforts
  • Any manager who wishes to improve his/her organization and lead more effectively
  • Change agents or those driving positive improvements within their workgroup
  • Any employee who wishes to deepen their understanding of lean thinking

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Workshop D: A Human Workplace

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Workshop E: Lean in Government

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Workshop F: Lean Leadership

Lean thinking is transforming the way organisations operate. A new transformative approach requires transformational leaders.

Are you attempting to improve and transform your business? Are you or your leaders prepared to take on the challenge? Do you know why employees need to feel safe? Is your culture supportive of change?

Creating the Lean Mindset - leadership, employee engagement, team learning.

This workshop will walk you through the 3 behaviour pillars of this culture, The Leader, The Individual, and the Team. We will show you how it is measured, and how each impacts the other, all based on substantial research undertaken.

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