Supporting Bodies

Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland is the government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets. We work in partnership with Irish enterprises to help them start, grow, innovate and win export sales in global markets. In this way, we support sustainable economic growth, regional development and secure employment. You can find detailed information on Enterprise Ireland’s activities, strategy and performance in our Reports and Publications.

Fáilte Ireland

Fáilte Ireland is the National Tourism Development Authority. Our role is to support the tourism industry and work to sustain Ireland as a high-quality and competitive tourism destination. We provide a range of practical business supports to help tourism businesses better manage and market their products and services.

We also work with other state agencies and representative bodies, at local and national levels, to implement and champion positive and practical strategies that will benefit Irish tourism and the Irish economy.

We promote Ireland as a holiday destination through our domestic marketing campaign ( and manage a network of nationwide tourist information centres that provide help and advice for visitors to Ireland.

International Group for Lean Construction

Founded in 1993, the IGLC ( is an international network and community of researchers from practice and academia in architecture, engineering, construction and facility management (AECFM) who feel that the practice, education, and research within the AEC industry has to be radically renewed in order to respond to the global challenges ahead.

The IGLC lay the foundation for the establishment of the Lean Construction Institute (US) in 1997, subsequent LCI affiliate organisations around the globe and other related organisations such as the Project Production System Laboratory (P2SL) UC Berkeley, Centre for Lean Projects, Nottingham Trent University & Project Production Institute to name but a few.

New principles, methods and practices for project delivery and production management specifically tailored to the AEC industry are constantly being designed, developed and tested by the IGLC community. The output is showcased and reported in conference proceedings every year. The IGLC repository ( is free to access and is the recognised body of knowledge on lean design and construction with over 1500 conference papers searchable by keyword and authors. Much of the lean principles, methods and practices used by today’s AECFM industry stem from original IGLC research.

Annual conferences are the main activity of the IGLC, and their locations rotate amongst the continents. In 2019 the 27th IGLC Annual Conference will come to Dublin Castle, Croke Park, Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT). These are at the heart of Ireland’s capital and the week long event promises to be the most forward thinking event on the international AECFM calendar for 2019.

Hosted over a 7 day period the 2019 event will incorporate a number of new initiatives (traditional & modern) to ensure maximum communication and takeaway post event.

IGLC2019 will incorporate many social activities designed to provide our international friends with a taste of the “Emerald Isle”. These include guided tours of historic landmarks (National Sports Stadium Croke Park and Dublin Castle) and a unique chance to experience the majestic Trinity College Library, Banquet Hall and Book of Kells as part of the conference dinner and July 4th celebrations.

Invest Northern Ireland

Our Operational Excellence Team helps develop Northern Ireland businesses competitive advantage by increasing their productivity and profitability. Our approach is results driven, adaptable and proven to deliver significant measurable benefits in the performance of people, processes and operations across all sectors and sizes of business.

This support and approach has helped businesses who have engaged with the team during 2017–18 deliver £11.5 million of financial impact to their bottom line. This has been delivered through improvements to throughput, capacity, quality, delivery and lead times.

The team provide practical engagement across the entire enterprise from boardroom to shop-floor to improve and transform operations to drive measurable and sustainable benefits. This approach helps businesses maximise their available resources to become more competitive, efficient and profitable, in other words to make the work Easier, Better, Faster, Cheaper.

We have a track record in helping local companies of all sizes and from all sectors address these issues. Hear now from some local companies who have recently engaged with the team.

We regularly assist businesses to introduce new concepts, tools and techniques that can effectively and efficiently improve many areas of their business. Addressing non value-adding activity within business processes can typically result in a productivity improvement of at least 25%-30%. This approach will help your business maximise the available resources so you can be more efficient and profitable.

Lean Business Ireland

Lean Business Ireland is a national brand that represents Ireland’s continuous drive for competitiveness of indigenous and multinational enterprises located in Ireland using continuous improvement approaches. Lean Business Ireland is the community that represents the clients of Enterprise Ireland, IDA, Teagasc, BordBia & LEO’s who follow the Lean Six Sigma philosophy and proactively strive to improve their companies competitiveness on the global market.

The strategic objective of Lean Business Ireland will be driven through 5 pillars:
• Leadership
• Practice
• Education, Training & Development
• Research
• Engagement

Technological University Dublin

TU Dublin, Ireland’s first Technological University, is where career-focused students, dedicated staff and academic excellence in science, the arts, business, engineering and technology converge to create the leaders of tomorrow. We offer an inclusive and open learning experience with pathways to graduation, from Apprenticeship to PhD. Our 28,500 students learn in a practice-based environment informed by the latest research and enabled by technological advances.

TU Dublin hosts a thriving research community engaged in applying innovation and technology to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. We are deeply committed to collaborating with our national and international academic partners and our many networks in industry and civic society to create new learning experiences and develop impactful research.

TU Dublin is an exciting new milestone in Irish Higher Education.  With campuses in Dublin CityTallaght and Blanchardstown, it spans the largest population centres of Ireland’s capital city.  Building on the rich heritage of its founding organisations – DIT, IT Blanchardstown and IT Tallaght – TU Dublin will be inclusive and adaptable, creating educational opportunities for students at all stages.  TU Dublin students will be socially responsible, open-minded global thinkers who are ambitious to change the world for the better. As graduates, they will be enterprising and daring in all their endeavours, ready to play their part in transforming the future.