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The Opportunity

The Qatari infrastructure sector has been witnessing a fantastic growth wave.   From building an entirely new city at Lusail, a new rail system, all the necessary FIFA 2022 World Cup preparations improved project delivery frameworks are needed for transforming the way projects are executed, in addition to the economic, social, human resources, and environmental transformation of the Qatari Vision Plan 2030. The industry is attracting large investments and has been a focal point for both Government as well as private players. To keep the thrust and pace going, it is extremely critical to ensure sustainable optimization of time, cost, effort and resources in project implementation and delivery.

As the industry realized that there is considerable wastage hidden in conventional practices, the industry started adopting lean practices to improve efficiency in project delivery, time and cost.  Qatari Diar, Lusail , and the Ministry of Works (Ashghal) have been embracing Lean approaches to execute projects to minimize waste of material, time, and efforts while increasing the value both in delivery of the project and to the stakeholders as end users. This is particularly relevant for infrastructure projects, which are large and complex in nature.

Holding the proposed LIPS workshop will provide a venue for local players to share their stories along with colleagues from around the world.  In addition, the workshop is designed so that Lean Thinking will transfer over elsewhere in public governance, delivery of services in various areas such as healthcare, education, transportation to name a few, to enhance considerably the quality of the services delivered to the citizens of Qatar. Lean, with its multitude of benefits and coverage, is the need of the hour and a promising investment for the future of infrastructure projects in any country.LIPS Qatar Flyer Rev. 7



The 2-day event overall aim is to apply Lean Thinking to the public sector and provide value for the government agencies. In addition, it aims to improve efficiency and delivery of value for money, while focusing on eliminating waste and improving the reliability of workflow.

The event includes a combination of panel discussions and introduction in Lean Fundamentals and Lean Government Framework, presentations, case studies, and discussion by internationally renowned Lean industry leaders



Day 2 of LIPS Qatar will be Workshop Day and delegates will need to choose which workshop they would like to attend.

Workshop 1: Last Planner® System – click for more information


Workshop 1: Last Planner® System

Workshop 2: Lean Thinking Fundamentals – click for more information

Workshop 2: Lean Thinking Fundamentals


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