LIPS Overview

Launched in 2007, Lean in the Public Sector (LIPS) is an international forum where leading practitioners across the globe share lessons learned during their Lean transformation journeys in public sector and non-profit organizations. The genesis of LIPS came about with the primary aim of extending Lean Thinking to the public sector construction projects. Since 2014, this aim has further extended to include the application of Lean Thinking to government operations and non-profits in general, so that new facilities support, rather than hinder, new and more effective ways of delivering government services.

LIPS organizes annual conferences every year, held in different cities around the world, that offer a unique opportunity for industry professionals to share, debate, and celebrate experiences on Lean in the public sector from all over the world. With the aim to educate, inform and inspire Lean construction, Lean government, Lean service and Lean enterprise as key focus areas.

LIPS events and conferences provide participating individuals as well as organizations and multiple stakeholders serving them, a greater understanding of the current research and implementation of Lean concepts and tools in the domestic and international public sector projects and organizations.


In the past, several LIPS annual conferences and workshops have been held in various parts of the globe such as the US, Europe, Australia, Latin America, and Southeast Asia,  which have witnessed remarkable success and have helped create value for governments, implementing agencies, contracting companies and supply chain partners. A few notable successes include but not limited to:

  • Introducing the Lean management philosophy and methods to Australia’s project alliancing.
  • Acceptance of Integrated project delivery contract under EU construction procurement regulations.
  • Several Finnish government organizations like Finnish Transportation Agency applied Lean and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) principles to over 35 projects since 2009 with more on the way.
  • Development and testing of alternative contract structures and methods of aligning commercial interests in the US.

In addition, annual conferences in the US, Europe, Australia, and Latin America have been supplemented with more focused events such as a conference for Higher Education Owners in the US in 2013.  A recent event was held in Delhi, India with focus on publically funded heavy industries (petroleum, gas, and pharmaceuticals, and mining).



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